Metsäinen joki

Welcome to Finland, the land of 187,888 lakes!

Experience the magic and beauty of the Finnish nature in one of these national parks:
- ISOJÄRVI (near Jyväskylä)
- KURJENRAHKA (near Turku)
- LEIVONMÄKI (near Jyväskylä)
- NUUKSIO (near Helsinki)
- SIPOONKORPI (near Helsinki)


We organise guided excursions and a wide range of special activities based on Finnish traditions and mythology. Walking or hiking in the forests allows you to feel the intensely cleansing and powerful energy of nature. You will take an in-depth look at the natural wonders, traditions and history of Finland.


On short excursions all you need is an open mind, a bottle of water and outdoor clothing. Apart from a few exceptions being in a good physical shape is not a requirement. Even on longer excursions and hikes you will be just fine if you are able to walk 1-2 kilometres without stopping to catch your breath. There are also physically more demanding excursions on offer for the sporty kind.


In summer, we move from Place A to Place B mainly on foot (in winter on snowshoes or a pair of skis). Our excursions are designed for all of you who are interested in nature and traditions. For more adventurous things, please check out our overnight excursions (in a forest, obviously) with survival skills, Finnish culture, history and mythology as their main themes.


Ketunmieli is also a professional translator and interpreter with years of experience. Our main working languages are Finnish, English and Italian, and we are specialised in fields such as nature, marketing, tourism & travel, comics, and wine industry.

Ready to join in the fun? Just pick your favourite excursion or contact me so that we can help you turn your holiday in Finland into an unforgettable adventure in the Finnish wilderness!

-Ketunmieli- (Mikko Vesterinen)